We’re Doing More Than Ever to Protect Our Environment

As an industry, we understand that the future of our business is directly linked to the future of our planet. That’s why we are constantly working with PET manufacturers to make products in more environmentally responsible ways. That can mean molding recycled PET more efficiently to use less energy or making PET products lighter to reduce fuel consumption.

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Clothes on hanger
Old is new.

PET can transform into almost anything—bottles, clothing, upholstery, shoes, food packaging, shipping materials, automotive materials and more.

Bottle in recycling bin
New designs.

Brand owners are designing products and packaging with reuse or recycling in mind.

Bottle manufacturer
Less energy.

Manufacturers are analyzing company waste streams for greater cost efficiencies to lower their carbon footprint.

PET flake
Nothing wasted.

Manufacturers are capturing and reusing PET scrap left from processes.

Bottles being filled
Supply is in demand.

Global manufacturers are partnering with and purchasing from sustainable PET suppliers.

Bottles of cleaning fluid

Many brand owners are manufacturing with as much recycled content as possible.

Bottle in recycling bin
We’ve had our fill.

Many companies are embracing “zero landfill” business practices.

Empty plastic bottle