Recycling bins

Here’s What You Can Do to Recycle Right

Most people know that recycling is the right thing to do. But they don’t always know the right way to do it. Follow these tips, and you’ll be on your way to recycling right.

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Water bottles in shape of recycling logo
Sort at the source.

Contact your local recycling center to find out exactly what materials they recycle. If you toss something in a recycling bin that isn’t recycled by your local center, it could cause the entire bin to end up in the trash. Please sort out nonrecyclables before you put out your recycling.

Bottle lids
Keep your lid on.

Water and soda bottle lids are often made from plastics other than PET, but if you leave the lid or cap on, it will be recycled with the bottle.

Rinsing a bottle
Rinse and repeat.

After removing any residual liquids or food remnants, rinse your PET containers if possible. Sticky containers invite insects. Plus, putting dirty containers and paper in the same recycling bin risks contaminating the paper with the residue, rendering the paper unrecyclable.

Recycling bins
More bins. More wins.

Add plastic recycling bins to public areas. Contact your local city government or your state’s resource council and ask if they offer free recycling bins.